Our Journey In Kenya From 1965 to 2013


AMUKURA (19)  

On the 11th of April 1965,  Exc. Mons. John de Reeper, Bishop of Kisumu, offered to Mons. Manuel Escalante, Superior General of  Guadalupe Missionaries, three Parishes in Teso land, close to the Kenya-Uganda border.



SAMSUNG DIGIMAX 360Amukura Parish

Superior General of Guadalupe Missionaries wrote : “there is no doubt that the mission which has been offered to me in Teso land, could be an ideal place to start our presence in Africa ”.

Chakol 1Chakol Parish

 The three missions offered to Guadalupe (Guadalupe Fathers in Kenya) were: Amukura, Chakol and Chelelemuk.

CHELELEMUK (18)Chelelemuk Parish

 Eighteen years later, on 31st December 1983, Guadalupe Fathers handed over these three missions to the local church .

Hambale ParishHambale parish

The Kakamega region is the second Missionary settlement for Guadalupe Fathers in Kenya. The presence of the first Guadalupe Priests in the area was set for January 1969.


Chamakanga Parish


There were three Parishes which Guadalupe Fathers took over here: Hambale, Chamakanga and Buyangu.





After some years of missionary efforts and only after holistic growth of the Christian communities, Guadalupe Fathers realized it was time to leave the place for the local clergy in order to continue their missionary action in most needed areas of the country. The Guadalupe Community left that beautiful region in October 1994.


Buyangu  Parish




The beginning of this region is almost simultaneous with Maragoli settlement since it was began around the year 1969, when the regional superior of Guadalupe Fathers started proper arrangements for the establishment in Nairobi City.

The goal was to start a new Parish in one of the most neglected areas of the city, Kibera slum, and it is precisely the beginning of the nowadays well known, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.





His Exc. Mons. Maurice M. Otunga, at that time the arch-bishop of Nairobi, advised the community to erect the new Parish in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe. He then assigned a piece of land around Adams Arcade area,  near to Kibera .


Some years later on 23rd February 1976, Guadalupe Missionaries were assigned yet another responsibility of erecting and constructing another Parish around Langata area. The new Parish at Langata was consecrated under the protection of St. Michael the Archangel, in honor of the Archbishop of Nairobi, Mons. Maurice Michael Otunga, whom later on became the first Cardinal of the Kenyan Catholic Church.

In August 1992 due to pastoral needs of the area, St. Michael Parish was subdivided in two regions dedicating the new one to Christ The King located in the heart of Kibera slums (Laini Saba). Nevertheless, this new Missionary settlement of Guadalupe Missionaries was raised up as a complete Parish on 12th January 1998.


Apart from the already mentioned responsibilities, there are three more important issues in this region, which must be taken into account.


The first one is the new official settlement of Guadalupe Missionaries regional house, which was opened officially in the year 1998.


The second is establishment of the new Formation Center in Africa in April 2004.


The third is the newly approved Lay Missionary Center in the year 2005.

Finally, regarding this region, it is important to mention that Guadalupe Fathers are still present in all the settlements except St. Michael Parish, which was handed over to the local clergy in the year 1997 by mutual agreement.


After this,  Guadalupe Fathers started the Parish of Abosi, which was soon handed over to the care of Yarumal


Missionaries, by common agreement.







Guadalupe evangelization presence in the area goes back to 1980 when the first two missionary Priests took over the responsibility of Mulot Parish, which was dismembered from Narok Parish, under the pastoral care of Mill Hill Missionaries.


After many years of evangelization action and in the conviction that the Christian Community was mature enough to continue on its own with its own shepherds, Guadalupe Community left the region, handing over Mulot Parish to the local clergy, by mutual conformity in the year 2003.



The Guadalupe Fathers presence among Luo people is found during the 1980’s and they were mainly devoted as Vocational promoters in Kisumu Diocese; as well taking care of the Spiritual direction of the Minor Seminary of St. Paul in the same Diocese.  Unfortunately none of these responsibilities was  under Guadalupe Fathers care for long time.


The Evangelic action for the Guadalupe priest in the area started in the year 1991 with a missionary settlement in Lenkisem, Ngong diocese.

Educacion (34)


Namanga Feb 2007 (11)



In the folloving year, on May 1992, we find the opening of Namanga Parish.   Handed over to the care of Quebec Missionaries in 2009.





Some months later, on October 1992, it was the opening of another Maasai Parish.  The place is called Olololunga.




In the year 1997, before the proper maturity of the Christian community the parish was handed over to the Diocese.





The last parish in Maasai region is Mashuru, with was part of Lenkisem parish.  The event took place in the year 1999 and it is still run by Guadalupe Fathers.

Leaders (3)










It is December 2000 which marks the beginning of the community in Turkana area.  The first pastoral responsibility is called Katilu Parish.  On October 2004 for different ciscumstances, we handded it over to the Diocese of Lodwar.



The new missionary settlement in Turkana is called Kainuk, and it was taken over on November 2004, and the community is still running the parish.

Oct 2012



At the present, the personnel in Kenya is composed of 14 Gudalalupe Priest; 1 deacon; 5 seminarians and 3  lay missionaries.

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