MG in Kenya, 50 years sharing the faith


Our Superior General, Fr. Raul Ibarra H, MG, is in the Mission of Kenya to direct the Spiritual exercises of 2015 of the priests Guadalupe Missioners who spread the Gospel in Mozambique and in that country.

Nevertheless, on October 4, in Nairobi, the Father Ibarra presided at a Eucharistic Celebration in the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is one of the most important churches of Guadalupe Missioners in Kenya.

The reason for the Eucharist was to celebrate with the congregation of this parish 50 years of the foundation of the Mission of Kenya, whose celebrations have been distributed in the churches of our Institute in that needy country.

In the Mass celebrated by the Father Ibarra helped hundreds of people to make the Eucharist an unforgettable moment: only the choir brought together more than 200 people, as the singing and dancing is vital for Kenyans; they also supported 70 youth groups and 200 children´s groups. Their support is also provided by the associations of Catholic Women and Catholic Men.

At the Mass there were present more than 4000 persons, to whom the Father Ibarra was grateful for the beautiful welcome that they prepared for him. During the homily, the General Superior pointed out that how important it´s the force of the faith of the Kenyan people and what the commitment of the community as a Church.

After completing the Eucharist, parishioners, religious and priests, they shared the table to toast for the 50 years of the Mission of evangelization and to wish more success. Congratulations, Mission of Kenya!

We also congratulate all the Missionary Fathers of Guadalupe who have worked and are working in favor of the expansion of the Kingdom of God in these latitudes, either by creating innovative projects, generating spaces for forgotten social sectors, being mediators in territories of continuous fighting, preparing agents of evangelization or creating opportunities for the growth of the Church, between a lot of other activities. Their effort is inspiring!


Some images from Kenya Mission

Our Journey In Kenya From 1965 to 2013


On the 11th of April 1965, the Superior General of Guadalupe Missionaries wrote to his Vicar General from Nairobi, Kenya, in the following words: “there is no doubt that the mission which has been offered to me in Teso land, in the Diocese of Kisumu, could be an ideal place to start our presence in Africa or, at least, it could be as a mission ad limina and in future we can extend our evangelization action towards other regions of the same country or even beyond the borders of the country”.

His Exc. Mons. John de Reeper, Bishop of Kisumu, offered to Mons. Manuel Escalante, Superior General of Guadalupe Missionaries, three Parishes in Teso land, close to the Kenya-Uganda border. Mons. Escalante was excited about this idea since the situation of that region (especially Teso ethnic group) could offer the opportunity to Guadalupe Missionaries the possibility to extend their evangelization action beyond the political borders of Kenya since Teso people are settled in the two countries. The three missions offered to Guadalupe Missionaries were: Amukura, Chakol and Chelelemuk.

The official agreement, between Guadalupe Missionaries and the Diocese of Kisumu, was signed on April the 14th 1965. It was him, Mon. John de Reeper, who welcomed, for the very first time, the Missionary Institute of Guadalupe into Africa.

The first Guadalupe missionary made his arrival in Amukura on December the 14th 1965 as an Assistant Priest to a Mill Hill missionary, who was the Parish Priest at that time in the mission, but this juridical situation was about to be different very soon since the new comer, Fr. Emerenciano Rodríguez, rapidly took over the responsibility of the Parish. Furthermore, he was appointed as the Episcopal Vicar in Teso region, in the following year. On February the 15th 1966, the second Guadalupe missionary arrived at Chakol as an assistant priest to a Mill Hill missionary as well. On July the 1st 1967 the third Guadalupe group made their presence in the region, which was composed by three more Mexican missionaries. Consequently, we are talking of five Guadalupe missionaries in Kenya, by the year 1967, who wanted to fulfill God’s will in the huge, needed and excited Africa Continent.